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Analyzing on-line text and extracting author demographics

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The explosive growth of on-line media - blogs, reviews, social media, RSS feeds, etc. - makes it essential to know what is being said about you. Text analytics can tell you much of what is being said, but nothing about who is saying it.

Who is saying something is as important as what is being said.

Do you know:

Subtext3 can help you answer these and similar questions.

Our unique technology works with text analytics, extracting demographics of the authors of on-line text, enabling you to know not just what is written, but who wrote it. Our demographic profiling engine uses state-of-the-art computational linguistics modeling to determine authors' likely age, gender, educational background, personality traits, and more.

To add demographic profiling to your text analytics capabilities, contact us for a demonstration and an exploration of what we can do for you.